Know the Types of Clothing That Are Fashion Trends During the Pandemic

Know the Types of Clothing That Are Fashion Trends During the Pandemic

Know the Types of Clothing That Are Fashion Trends During the Pandemic – During the pandemic, so much has changed and it becomes very difficult to put together all the fashion that can be worn. The pandemic that ended until now has forced a number of fashion brands to keep racking their brains in order to maintain their business. One way to do this is to follow fashion trends that are in high demand by the public during the pandemic.

1. Plain T-shirt
Deri Slyrova as Tokopedia’s Lead Sales & Marketing Fashion Category, said that the fashion trend that the public is most interested in judging from the sales data in the marketplace leads to clothing that focuses on comfort. One of these types of clothing is a plain t-shirt.

“The data we see being hunted on Tokopedia is more functional and focuses on comfort. Because they can’t travel, so many people are looking for comfortable and ready-to-wear clothes, such as plain t-shirts,” he explained.

2. Shorts
Not only plain t-shirts, Deri also said that shorts are also one of the most popular fashion items in the community. The reason is the same, namely because many community activities are carried out at home so that more people are looking for comfort.

“Styles and other types of products that are selling well in the market are shorts. This is based on products that meet customer needs during the current pandemic,” he said.

3. Loungewear
As a Fashion Expert, Franka Soeria as Co-Founder of #Markamarie & CEO of Marka The Fashion Accelerator who was also present at the event said that fashion is now more focused on function. “Of the many fashion markets, most of what I see are in terms of function. Fashion is function,” he said.

In the explanation, Franka also said that one type of clothing that is trending is loungewear. However, the trend has slightly changed towards one tone.

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4. Modest ready to wear
With a versatile and mix n match friendly concept, modest ready to wear is the next type of clothing that is quite popular with the public. This is like what Franka said earlier that fashion in the midst of a pandemic is more about function, not style.

One of the modest ready to wear brands that you can try is Ederra, which offers a collection of versatile and everlasting designs. Not only that, outfits from Ederra also offer a sense of comfort and are budget-friendly so you can look elegant without having to drain your wallet.

“Ederra clothes are suitable for going to supermarkets, taking children to official events. For dynamic women, Ederra clothes are the solution, not too casual and not too formal – the price is so affordable,” said Indah Wahyu Wardani, founder of Ederra.