Get to Know Korean-Style Fashion Trends that are Soon Popular

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Get to Know Korean-Style Fashion Trends that are Soon Popular

Get to Know Korean-Style Fashion Trends that are Soon Popular – Nowadays more and more people are concerned with fashion which can be one of the reasons people become beautiful and look more stunning. South Korea is also known for its fashionable clothing style. Fimela’s friends can see how the outfits of artists from K-drama to K-pop.

Seoul is rapidly becoming one of the fashion capitals of the world, and of course Asia, South Korean fashion trends are becoming more popular day by day.

1. Street style
In recent years, the style of street wear in Korea is very popular. It is inspired by many celebrities who use this style.

Some of the popular street clothing styles in Korea are oversized shirts, baggy pants, and bucket hats. Now, there are many street clothing brands popping up and the styles are becoming more common to see on the streets.

2. Modern Hanbok
Kpop idol Blackpink wore a modern hanbok in her latest Movie Clip, Mamamoo was also seen wearing a hanbok at the year-end awards ceremony. This traditional Korean clothing has been transformed into a more modern one. That is, this design retains many of the traditional design elements, but is also made lighter, simpler, and generally more subtle in coloration.

This change makes it much more wearable in everyday situations. While still not a common attire, the modern hanbok is a great choice for special occasions.

3. Ankle Pants
Another trend that is very popular in Korea (for both men and women) is ankle-length pants or ankle pants. These pants end at the ankle above and reveal your ankles, making them a great choice for spring. These pants are very popular in Korea during spring and autumn.

Can be combined with a fitted or oversized top. And it goes well with various types of open shoes (such as sandals). Ankle-pants are very comfortable, and this makes them a great choice for casual and semi-formal wear.

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4. Tennis Skirt / Pleated
Tennis skirts are not Korean style as they are almost everywhere. However, tennis skirts have always been popular in Korea and can often be seen on the streets of Seoul in the summer. Although this skirt reached its peak of popularity several years ago, it is still used by many Korean women. Tennis skirts are very popular among Koreans who are in their young 20s.

5. Ribbed Shirt
Ribbed shirts are by far the most popular Korean women’s summer trend in the years leading up to 2020. In 2020 can see hundreds of them every day, and this trend will most likely continue into 2021.