The Best Casual Hijab Fashion Inspirations for Teenagers

The Best Casual Hijab Fashion Inspirations for Teenagers

The Best Casual Hijab Fashion Inspirations for Teenagers – As we know that fashion is currently one of the styles that has become very popular and is becoming a very trend to be worn. Is your child a Muslim teenager who is looking for casual and comfortable clothing ideas with hijab? If so, maybe your daughter wants to remodel her wardrobe or needs a new outfit idea with hijab.

When a child decides to wear a hijab, he just needs to start thinking and buy simple clothes, such as long sleeves, loose pants or jeans, long dresses or tops and so on.

1. Plaid shirt
Plaid shirts or plaid shirts were initially more often used by teenage or adult men, but with fashion trends that continue to develop, children can use this oversized plaid shirt as an outer instead of a cardigan.

Combining it with t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers makes the child’s appearance seem more edgy, relaxed, casual, but still up-to-date to upload to social media. Make sure the child chooses a hijab color that matches the theme of the outfit

2. Oversize sweater lilac color
“Oversize” is now a clothing model that is sought after by young girls, especially those who use the hijab, why? Because this oversized shirt has a size larger than the body, so it doesn’t form body curves.

Lilac color has also become a trend lately, so choosing a lilac-colored oversized sweater like the example above can make your child’s appearance more contemporary but still comfortable to wear.

3. Show off your swag with a bucket hat
If mama’s daughter is a tomboyish teenager, swag style with a bucket hat can certainly make the child’s appearance look cooler. To support their appearance, children can also use cargo pants made of corduroy.

In addition to using a sweater, this style can be combined with a t-shirt and cuffs, or with an oversized shirt. Don’t forget to use retro glasses to make your appearance more contemporary!

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4. Long cardigan
In the weather that often changes, sometimes it makes teenagers confused to use a jacket or just a long-sleeved shirt to go outside. One solution to this problem is to use a long cardigan.

This long cardigan that is not too thick and not too thin can protect children from changing weather.

The cardigan can also be adjusted to the child’s style of dress, for example, if you want to look feminine, the child can combine a long cardigan, t-shirt, and bright colors, and wear boyfriend jeans or material pants like the picture above.