5 Best Jeans Fashion Trends 2021

5 Best Jeans Fashion Trends 2021

5 Best Jeans Fashion Trends 2021 – As we know that jeans are one of the pants that have been widely used and used by people to go outside the home or go out with friends. Jeans are one of the favorite fashion items for both men and women. The fashionable and timeless model makes jeans suitable to be combined with various styles. Along with the development of trends, the model of jeans is also increasingly diverse. It turns out that it’s not skinny fit that is becoming a trend and is especially popular with young people, but these 5 models of jeans. Anything?

90’s Bootcut

Bootcut jeans were popular in the 90s, and are happening again in 2021. The model is unique and distinctive because it fits from the thigh to the knee, but widens to the bottom.

This type of pants is quite versatile, you know. You can combine it with any outfit. Moreover, bootcut jeans are also suitable for wearing on various body models, even for those of you who have a curvy body type.

Undone Hem

Just by looking at the name, you can already imagine how the model of these jeans is, right? Yes, the undone hem is a jeans model that looks as if it hasn’t been sewn yet because it still leaves fabric fibers and threads at the edges.

Even though they seem undone, it is these details that make these jeans attractive. Undone hem is very harmonious when juxtaposed with boots and outer. Maximum fun!

Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans are also in vogue. Jeans with a loose cut are fairly comfortable to wear because you can move freely. This jeans model can really be used for a casual outfit look.

Combine baggy jeans with tops that fit your body, one of which is a crop top. Then complete the look with a choice of matching pointed shoes.

70’s Flares

The 70s-era flare pants trend is back. These jeans at first glance look like a bootcut. It’s just that the difference lies in the wider knee-down cut. Sometimes there are even those who seem to sweep the floor.

Flare jeans are also often referred to as bell bottom jeans. This is because of its bell-like cut. For a stylish OOTD with flare jeans, you can wear your favorite blouse or tee.

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Pleated Jeans

The jeans trend in 2021 is also colored with pleated jeans. These jeans have the main characteristics of a high cut to the stomach and a crease at the bottom. The stylish model makes pleated jeans even more popular. Even some world celebrities often wear it, you know. Call it Chrissy Teigen and Hailey Bieber.

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